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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Fed up with the UK?

I realise that it's easy to sit on the sidelines in the proverbial armchair and carp, but I'm hoping soon that a) the Electorate wakes up to what Minette says below and b) some Politicians make themselves electable to change it! :-s

The Question:
Rob Wilson (Conservative, Reading East) said record numbers of people were leaving the UK, according to the latest statistics, and asked Mr Brown:
  • "What is it about your government that makes people want to pack their bags and leave the country?".
Mr Brown said the government was pushing ahead with a "managed migration" policy.
BBC NEWS | Politics | Point-by-point: Question time

The Answer:
"It is difficult not to suspect, despite the lack of hard evidence, that so many educated people, many of them still young and keen to work, are leaving because they are giving up on this country. At least that is what many of them say. Whether on blog sites, in letters to newspapers, in casual conversation or in my own readers’ letters, I come across voices of anger and grief, particularly among the middle-aged or elderly. This country isn’t what it was, they say. What’s best about it is disappearing fast; it’s becoming unrecognisable.This country certainly has changed a great deal and fast.

Nobody can deny that in recent years society has become much less civil, much more fragmented and newly divided into alarming ghettos; a large, disordered underclass is growing of people who don’t know how to bring up their children, with disastrous results; schools and hospitals in some places are not just bad but dangerous; the streets in cities are so frightening for young people that more carry knives and use them; the old are poor and neglected; we have lost our trust in pensions and in banking.

More than anywhere else in the supposedly civilised world, we are spied on, intruded on and cross-questioned by incompetent bureaucrats who then lose our confidential details; in a country with a proud reputation for freedom, our liberties are being eroded, either by new laws or by politically correct conventions; our taxes are wasted on incompetent government and public services; uncontrolled immigration has inflamed anxieties about overcrowding, crime and public services as well as national identity; Britannia is being struck off our coinage for the usual daft reasons. And so on. At least it’s not Italy."
The forces driving the middle class into exile | Minette Marrin - Times Online

Suggestions for destinations anyone?