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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Jarvis Cocker (spaniel)

This is Jarvis. He is a working Cocker spaniel, and this is a link to his Dad (I think). You might know him as #Jarvis, if you follow me on Twitter.

We had an Advertising exec around the week we'd got him, and there was only one name that made sense! (even if Popular Culture has passed Caroline by...!).

He's a beautiful little mutt, but his kidneys are shot, which is rather tragic.

That means that he's on a special diet recommended by our nice vet, Hilary Ross (search for Ross on this page [Midlands for some reason!]).

He gets sore kidneys and suffers quite a bit. On the upside, Caroline and I live on a farm in the country, and we can take Jarvis on the footpaths and by-ways around the local fields. Here's a photo of him in his "garden":