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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Blackberry add-on applications

I’ve just installed Blackberry App World on my Bold, and thought I’d do a review of what’s installed so far.

Most of these were before installing App World, so good that BB / RIM have made it easier to find appropriate apps.

Doing the individual links to all these apps would take ages, so I’m afraid you’ll have to Google them… :$

  • Twitter
    • Twitterberry – serviceable, lacking functionality
    • Twibble – nice look & feel, but usability & functionality are pretty poor
    • Tiny Twitter – probably the best of the lot, but doesn’t seem to work in the UK properly (worked in the US when I was in Texas recently…)
  • Google
    • Mobile App – search
    • Maps, including Latitude – excellent
    • Sync – for sync’ing calendar with desktop
  • Facebook – came already installed
  • WorldMate Live – great if you’re a frequent traveller: trial version was great when I went to Texas
  • BBPlacemarks app for Brightkite, could do with a bit of extra functionality
  • Amazon App for Blackberry – good, would be even better if I had the option to use it with Amazon.co.uk
  • Opera browser – useful when Blackberry browser doesn’t cut it
  • Flickr app
  • Remember the Milk
  • Blackberry App World
    • Bloomberg
    • Shazam
  • NeoReader
    • Use the camera on my Bold to photograph barcodes and the new square ones – and turn that into something meaningful
    • Can’t get it to work properly, but fantastic idea
  • Vodafone SatNav
    • Not bad, but sometimes takes wacky options

Since compiling this list yesterday, I found that all the system memory  was taken, and therefore the Bold was running slow all the time.

I’ve therefore uninstalled Bloomberg, Shazam, and NeoReader [I think], to free up enough space.

It would be good to be able to install the apps on my micro SD card – which is 8Gb.

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