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Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Power of TED* - summary presentation to Action for Happiness North East


Although I am an avid student of personal development materials in order to become more present and mindful, I am deeply indebted to my learnings from The Power of TED*. TED, in this instance, refers to the Empowerment Dynamic.

This post is a reflection on how much I have gained from my (so far) six readings of the book!

Slide deck

Way back in the Spring I presented this summary slide deck to Action for Happiness North East, a group I help found earlier this year, and about which I’ve already blogged about here.

TED* Library

Check out the TED* library, full of podcasts, articles, and videos. Mmm, podcasts! I am still a regular listener to these podcasts, to help embed my learnings.
The following videos are linked through from the library page.

Describing TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)

David Emerald describes TED*

Master Certified Coach Molly Gordon Talks TED*


Key things I have learned from both reading the TED* book, and attending the TED* for Coaches webinar series:
  • Decide what you’re for
    • It was surprisingly challenging to find answers to the question “what do I really want, what am seeking to create”
  • Taking quiet time in the mornings
  • See other people as creators
    • Everyone has potential – it is up to us to be connected with the creator in other people
  • Interpret life situations through the lens of the empowerment dynamic
    • Although much of life seems to correspond to the Drama Triangle, I find it more empowering to keep in mind what one wants to create!
  • Choose choice
    • We’re all at choice, all of the time. It’s empowering to know this, and to consciously choose choice and choose to be a creator.
I could carry on in this vein – however this’ll do for now ;-)

Wash up

Reading The Power of TED* and working to absorb the lessons has been a watershed moment for me. I feel really grateful to be able to take on the learnings, and happy to share them with others – and answer any questions.

Definitely worthwhile saying many thanks to both David Emerald and Donna Zajonc for their help in my growth!
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