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Friday, 7 December 2007

Blogger's block

Tip of the hat to Nick Robinson of the BBC, who used this phrase when he was a bit stumped. I hope that a series of post will ensue, as Nick has demonstrated! ;-)

I've been thinking of writing about:
  • The War Memorial in Morpeth, Northumberland
  • Two fantastic experiments I learned about during my Psychology degree
  • What I'm planning to order from http://www.fungi.com/

Instead though, I wanted not to blog about crashing bores or dreadful ones, but in this instance *sonic* ones... ;-)

I passed a van from Sonic Bore and it made me smile.

Also, I am going to be experimenting with Twitter. I've attached a javascript box to the top left of my blog page. Find me at http://twitter.com/justingsouter.

I'm 'following' Bill Thompson (and Millionsofus), who writes for the BBC, and has been twittering me recently by what he's thinking about.

I thought it would also help me get over my blogger's block... :-)


Bill said...

Hope that my tweets are helping :-)

I find it's useful just to write stuff in notepad/textedit/vi as I go, and then every now and then I sit down and turn it into a post - it's always easier to fix something that is badly written than to stare at a blank screen wondering where to start...

Anonymous said...

See you have been through it too indeed. I think I'm narrowing my scope - trying to limit my posting to how I interact with the professional, corporate world differently to other generations, although it's tempting to stray off sometimes!

By the way - I've found you on twitter - still figuring that one out as well...