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Saturday, 24 November 2007

BT customer's YouTube complaint

My friend Matthew Rippon recently introduced me to Nina Belk at Zest Innovation.

Nina and co-founder Laura Williams help organisations understand how Customers perceive the service they receive (or don't). At Fujitsu, I have a colleague who leads a Practice doing the same sort of thing.

I reckon that most organisations find it difficult to understand things from the outside in, which is why they need help -- and why the article linked to in the title made me smile (wryly).

The reason for the smile is that Caroline (my Partner - and she of the Prince and the Queen link to the right), has been trying to cancel her BT broadband connection for the last 10 months.

The connection doesn't work (and only ever has done very intermittently) but she can't get through to the blighters to pack it in!

So they carry on direct debiting her account, and she's unlikely to see the money again as the BT Customer Service experience is so dire. She's complained repeatedly and got nowhere. Bah! :-(


Cool Stuff said...

I'm so sick to death of BT that I set up a BT Complaints blog where anyone can submit their BT Complaintonline. I will put all these into a report and send off for investigation and also a response from BT as their service is becoming worse. Read all the complaints or Submit your BT Complaint

Anonymous said...

“This is a real rip off!” “What a scam!” You may repeat these statements every time when you are not pleased with the quality of goods or the customer service of this or that company. But do not shout into the open air. Do something that really works. Submit complaints. On the web site www.pissedconsumer.com, you can post all the problems and misunderstandings that happened to you in any company of the world. Sharing your bitter experience will help others to avoid misunderstandings.