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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Flickr vs. Picassa (cont'd)

Ok, reporting back about what I've found so far. Please see my earlier post if necessary.

Thanks to Dave Briggs and Puller for their comments. I went with Dave - "Flickr every time."

  • Flickr
    • I've upgraded to a Pro Account, and have started uploading various photos
  • Picasa
    • I figured that Picasa and the online service weren't as good as Flickr, in terms of look & feel
    • I didn't really check out the functionality - it was more a gut feel thing
    • I plan to keep using Picasa on a limited basis for publishing photos to this blog
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery
    • Sister of Windows Live Writer (being used now for this blog post)
    • See also Live Mail, can read my Gmail account as well as my Hotmail accounts
    • Integrates with Flickr - useful, as this is my chosen destination for photos!
    • fyi earlier post on these
  • Memory card reader
    • I'm buying a memory card reader for both Memory Stick and my old Smart Media card, so I can more easily upload photos to Flickr
  • Joomeo
    • This is what Puller recommended - I'm afraid I didn't take it terribly seriously...