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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Google Advert trial

This post summarises learnings from a free trial for Google Adwords. I'm experimenting with it to generate traffic for this blog. It's been an interesting learning experience.

I subscribe to Information Age, an computer-related technology magazine. In a recent mailing, I also received a marketing flyer from Google, featuring a company called Wriggly wrigglers - you may also have seen it if you're in the UK.

The freebie part was a £30 voucher, so I thought I'd have a go. The time limit is the end of June '08, so thought I should get cracking.

I've gone some fairly idiosyncratic posts on here, e.g.: Locked In syndrome, Mobile Cranes, choosing adverts, Psychology experiments. I thought they be a good way of reaching a specific audience. Besides, these are things I'm interested in.

So lessons learned so far:

  • I've done a general ad and two specific ones (Zimbardo & Milgram, Locked In syndrome)
  • When you sign up, you start with Starter edition
    • This is probably only good for setting up your account
    • Otherwise, Starter edition, you want Standard - no price difference apparently - this is the comparison
    • With the Starter edition, you can run variations of the same ad, but I wanted to run ads on different keywords, so you *have* to upgrade to get this functionality.
  • You can choose "bundles" of Countries
    • Basically, I've chosen English-speaking countries from around the World, with some Scandinavian ones (and Spain, I like Spain)
  • I've got it running for a month, although need to check regularly - you have to give them a way of payment (they want to wean you and hope you forget you're paying)
    • The "cost per click" is supposedly optimised by Google - but quite a lot of my keywords seemed not to be active because of 1p minimum Google has chosen
  • It's one Campaign - multiple ad groups (i.e. ads for different posts
    • The usability is actually pretty good, decent tools
  • A fat pipe would be nice, saves lag between pages when you're setting everything up (although you can download software to do things offline)
  • Demographics
    • You can target 10 year cohorts (e.g. 0-17 years)
  • Site and Category Exclusion
    • You can choose to be excluded from various sites / pages, e.g. "Death & Tragedy"
    • Also certain page types - e.g. Parked domains
  • There was a £5 "Activation fee", so I've only got £25 to spend
    • There seems to be a daily cap on spending
  • "I already have a Google Analytics account. Please link it to this AdWords account"
    • Nice, already have the Analytics code on my blog, I can link automatically to it, and Google joins it all up. :-D

One other thing - I've linked to my original "Diving Bell & the Butterfly" post, so I've updated that to give links to posts 2 & 3...

I'll report back about how I get on!