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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Podcasts to Listen to on the Beach?


Rather than a Tweet, a quick post to request some suggestions re interesting things to listen to on the beach.

I usually read books like The Tipping Point, Emergence, Synthetic Worlds; I've lined up The Big Switch, The Black Swan and even Mycelium Running for this year (not that I'll have time for them all / more than one...).

I was looking for suggestions for what I could listen to on my MP3 player. Thoughts I've had include:

Not exactly racy, perhaps plain dull - but I have to be myself! I'm not a big fan of novels, unless it's something like Snow Crash or Neuromancer. Can't recommend two these highly enough.

So maybe something self-improving, or of interesting from work / business arena perhaps?

I did a quick Google search, and came up with a similar post, and potential link. Unfortunately, this latter site seems to be defunct.

UPDATE: Still trying to get Disqus comments right! I need to sort out the Blogger template to allow the Disqus system to work properly. :-s


Justin Souter said...

Also, check out http://audiovideo.economist.com/ for Audio versions of The Economist (and more)