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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Seaton Canoe & the Transporter Bridge

Yesterday turned out to hold an unexpected pleasure. I was travelling down to Teesside to hook up with @dmaxxx at Digital City Business.

David has done a grand job with the SCL business plan, and we had a washup session yesterday, after he’d finished the plan at the end of January.

*Anyway*, the traffic stopped around 10 miles North of Middlesbrough, near the Elwick turn-off. I called the BBC Jambuster line to report the problem.

The incredibly helpful man told me that I should head for Hartlepool, go through Seaton Carew and over the Transporter Bridge – completely new territory for me.

So, re-programmed SatNav to the fore, I went
The highlight, undoubtedly, was the £1.20 trip across the Tees using the Transporter Bridge. Photos on Flickr.

Transporter Bridge across the River Tees from Justin Souter on Vimeo.

Heaven knows how long it took the folk still on the A19 to get into Middlesbrough, but I was only 30 minutes late – genius! 
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