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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Philosophers Notes goodness


I’m also posting supporting materials to accompany the recent event where I was part of a group which showed The Happy Movie.
I’m also posting some supporting materials, which I will update in a couple of weeks – I want to get this all live before it gathers dust! ;-)

Philosophers Notes

I’m a big fan of PhilosophersNotes, and whose videos I’m embedding below. Masses of powerful ideas for personal development and growth, and inspirational and uplifting when that’s what’s required.
I feel comfortable that Brian Johnson (see videos) is a genuine and authentic guy, and there’s a tremendous amount of learning that he’s sharing.

YouTube videos

Some of my favourites:



Meditation materials

A short explanatory video:

I’ve been listening to a couple of these for the last several weeks – usually when I woke up, and as I go to bed. Helpful, in a low-key way.

Power of TED*

When I watched this video, there was a ‘kaboom’ moment. I’ve found this book (and related material, and coaching course) incredibly helpful.

In Brian’s words, “I hope you dug it”.
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