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Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Justin Souter - disambiguation

In the best tradition of Wikipedia, I thought I'd explain why the Blog's title includes my middle name.

If you thinking that *one* Justin Souter was enough, there seems to be a growing list (gulp!):
  1. Justin *Alan* Souter - resident of Los Angeles, whose work has won "an Academy Award for technical achievement"
  2. Justin Souter (New Zealand) - surfer
  3. Justin Souter - Facebook search - there's one in Canada [hello, by the way!]
  4. No entry on Wikipedia yet (any volunteers?)
  5. www.192.com tells us of Justin *J* Souter, although you'll have to visit the site yourself, as I haven't paid for access and the URL was too long to paste as a link
  6. Supreme Court Justice - [shurely shome mishtake]. I think think this has been transcribed from audio and should be Justice (David) Souter. He shares my late Grandfather's name...
Thanks to Google for the links. More Justin Souters as I discover them.