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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Morpeth War Memorial

My Mum was born and brought up in Morpeth, a market town in Northumberland, and a centre for Northumbrian culture and dialect.

I was there the other evening, as Caroline and I had been invited to a drinks party which, coincidentally, was just round the corner from my Granny's house.

It was on the way home from the party whilst I was driving through Morpeth, that I had the idea of writing this post.

To come at the same end from a different angle, for two years I was a member of the Bristol University Royal Naval Unit, whilst I studied Psychology for my undergraduate degree.

Bristol URNU is a fine organisation, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time going to sea aboard HMS Dasher, learning about things nautical, and generally broadening my horizons.

The relevance to this post was that one of my proudest moments was dressing up in full Midshipman's regalia and taking part in the Bristol Remembrance Sunday Parade.

I feel strongly that the continuing sacrifice of our Armed Services is worthy of both celebration and veneration, and it saddens me that we're constantly hearing reports about how they are being let down.

So, with all that in mind, it was uplifting to see that the Morpeth War Memorial was properly lit, cared for, and clearly visible from the road.

It made me feel that there are still Authorities out there who take the memories of our War Dead seriously and that, by their example, others will take the whole thing as seriously as I believe we all should. :-)