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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Mountain Biking in Kielder

I love Mountain Biking.

I like the exploring, the fresh air, the exercise, the fun and sometimes scary bits of it!

I ride a Merlin Malt 2.

I tend to ride out from our back door, and ride round the local bridleways (aka cross-country or XC), or else keep myself fit by riding our quiet country lanes.

Last year I was able to complete the Merida Marathon in Penrith, and also a race in Kielder Forest.

Sometimes however, it's great to take advantage of some purpose built MTB facilities, such as those across the South of Scotland - aka the 7 Stanes.

In the North East, we're lucky because a voluntary group -- the http://www.kieldertrailreavers.com/ have cut a number of MTB-specific tracks through the forest in various levels of difficulty.

The best way to describe the experience is that it's like a rollercoaster - except that one has to do the cycle up to the top, and then have the skill and courage to negotiate the bumps and swerves on the way down! This is usually known as "Downhill".

Whilst I'm at it, a nod to the North East Freeride Association for their work at Chopwell Woods and the petrifying downhill course they've built in the Forest near High Spen.

A shout also to Alan Capper of Kent Design who's been merciful when telling others of a mishap I had at Newcastleton (part of the 7 Stanes).