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Saturday, 12 January 2008

Potential next posts

Rather than keeping it all up in my head, I thought I'd share the list of things I'm thinking of blogging about:
  • Experimenting with Identity
  • Reform think tank articles:
    • "Last Outposts" article exec summary
    • Crowd sourcing in politics - over-coming asymmetric information
  • Psychology experiments - Zimbardo and Milgram
  • Choosing ads
  • Innovation
    • Open Innovation, Beacons, crowd-sourcing / customer innovation
  • Bunny Lucas
  • Baron D'Erlanger
  • Evercrack
    • Sociology of online interactions
    • MBA project
  • Santa Fe Institute
    • Increasing returns
  • Virtual Worlds / Metaverses
  • My Tobii
  • Another of Bill Thompson's ideas - technology is controlled by the younger, to the chagrin of the "adults"
Comments welcome - a small experiment in peer production... ;-)