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Monday, 29 September 2008

Business Consultant for hire

I leave Fujitsu today, i.e. at the end of September. I am striking out on my own, and plan to do contracting work in the North East of England. Hopefully this will be a springboard to more varied projects – reflecting my interests in cutting-edge collaborative tools and virtual worlds etc.

In putting together my leaving note to Fujitsu colleagues (and the associated mailing list), I was able to reflect on all the fantastic people I have worked with, in nearly 10 years with Fujitsu. Also, that I genuinely believe Fujitsu has been an excellent employer and good place to work.

Those ten years have given me a great foundation to help Customers maximise their return on their Technology investments. In practical terms, this means helping them:
  • Exploit existing collaboration tools and infrastructure
  • Understand impact of consumerization and Web 2.0 on Customers and other stakeholders
  • Create a successful blend of infrastructure, using established collaboration / information management tools and leading edge ones
  • Understand technology’s impact on People, and create programme of change to manage this impact and maximise Return on Investment
  • Make informed decisions about which tools / trends match needs of organisation - don't just go with the flow
I’ve worked for Fujitsu with a number of large Government Departments, and a mixture of Private and Public Sector bodies.

More details at http://www.linkedin.com/in/justinguysouter.

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