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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Template construction lessons learned

(so far)

  • Save your template before and after each change, e.g.:
    • Embedded code, like Google Analytics
    • Adding various widgets
    • [Change control becomes important later, so best start at the beginning! :$]
  • Going back to original Blogger template
    • Under Layout | Edit HTML | Edit Template, choose "Revert template to classic"
      • This indeed takes your right back to the default Blogger template, which includes your blog posts, and a couple of standard widgets, e.g. About Me, Previous posts etc.
      • There is then an intermediate step -- to be able to get to the 'upgraded' Blogger layout editor, you have to 'upgrade' the layout editor
      • This seemed to bring back my existing widgets! :-s
      • I then removed the widgets one by one
        • I was expected that a reversion to the Classic template would take them away
        • It did, but 'upgrading' seemed to bring them back... :-(
  • I then ran the reverted template back through Disqus - still no joy :'(
  • I then chose "Revert widget templates to default", and ran the code through Disqus - success!
    • I think returning the widget templates to default stripped the Disqus code from any widgets
  • N.b. I encountered an "Upload template error" in Blogger (code bX-9khcxc), when I pasted the code from Disqus back into the Blogger edit html frame - very frustrating!
    • However, I did a quick search and found that the problem was because I was using Chrome, and also Firefox - use IE instead, it worked for me :-D
    • This Google Group helped me work this out
  • I have opted to keep existing comments on this blog, and chose the option on Disqus for comments 'from now onwards'
    • Will check existing posts and Not allow comments, and hide existing ones (where there aren't any) - if I can be bothered!
    • The only glitch with Windows Live Writer that I have come across is that you don't have the option to switch off comments - essential if you want to allow Disqus to handle comments for you
    • Therefore, one has to publish a draft from WLW, and then go to the Blogger interface online to switch them off <yawn>, before you publish!
  • On the other hand, Flickr publishing in WLW is rather good
  • I'm putting a couple of FriendFeed widgets into the template until I have a discussion with a web designer I know.
  • I'm also trying to get the 'Recent Readers' widget from MyBlogLog
    • Part of the process is to paste this following link - Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification - into a post, which 'verifies' your site in the eyes of MBL.
    • You can also try putting a meta tag in your site homepage, but putting it into the Blogger template hasn't worked for me, hence this Plan B...
  • Umm, I think that's it for now! Comments / amendments very welcome.

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