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A quick note to say that I've set up my Business blog, to be able to speak with a clear voice on both personal and work issues (i.e. by having separate blogs).

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Business and Personal posts in the same blog?

Folks, I need some advice please.

Up ‘til now I’ve been using Wellbanked as a personal equivalent of Speakers' Corner.

Given that I have left Fujitsu, it’s natural that I should use this blog to publicise the new direction in my working life.

The downside to this is the confusion created by having posts about personal issues cheek-by-jowl with work ones – prospective Customers / Employers might be put off by this!

So, I am looking for feedback on my thoughts so far:

  • Leave my blog as it is – i.e. keep posting on various topics
  • Try and separate out work and personal posts through the use of metadata or tags in some way
  • Set up a separate blog for work issues and cross-link etc.
  • Port to another platform – e.g. Wordpress
  • Set up a website and embed this blog into it

If I was to start a work blog, I need help cooking up a name – the domain I bought appears to be too close to an existing Company. Doh!

I’ve done a quick Google search, but although the answer may be obvious, I’m a bit stumped, and need a bit of crowdsourcing love.

Hopefully you should find a poll running alongside this post – please also leave a comment if you can bear it!

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