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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Is the Internet your silent Partner?

Caroline was on Radio Newcastle this morning. As a dutiful Partner, I decided to tune in and listen to her insights.

The DJ, Mike Parr, asked her whether the Internet was the silent Partner in our Relationship. Her answer made me smile (and gave me my 5 seconds of fame) - along the lines of:

"Yes, absolutely! He was spending so much time in the shed [where we have a small office] I thought he was having an affair... Apparently he was updating his Facebook profile..."

I'd like to state, for the record, that I was spending time in Second Life ;-)

fyi - work av is Fujitsu Infinity; personal av is Tandoorichicken Masala.

p.s. I'm feeling like the straight man in a double act - perhaps Syd Little? ;-D
p.p.s shame on you Bill Thompson, your frequent tweets have Caroline checking my text messages as well... ;-)
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Unknown said...

Is Tandoorichicken Masala off with Lara Croft perhaps?